Space Designers provides project management services, which includes cost estimation, tendering, tender evaluation, quantity survey, site supervision etc. For residential, commercial, electro-mechanical Projects to individuals, companies and government clients. Various projects are successfully executed in Oman by us.

Space Designers is involved in design and supervision of various electrical substations (33 kva/11 kva) in various locations throughout Oman, Al Ansab, Wadi kabir, Darsyt, wattayah, Qurum, Qurum Substation, Airport heights and many more substations successfully constructed and are in operation. We have designed Hitam, Al Hijj Diesel Power Stations.

Our major clients are Ministry of Housing, Electricity and water, Rural Area Electricity S.A.O.C, Majan Electrical Company, United Engineering Projects, Eastern Overseas, Al-Hassan Electricals, ONEC and Tawoos Telecommunications Company etc.


It was a challenging job to manufacture telecom towers, upto 50m high, distinctive solutions for leading telecom in oman for their various sites, the high speed wind upto 200km/h and corrosion of steel members due to proximity to sea was the main criteria for design.

It was a challenging job to provide distinctive solution to manufacture telecom towers upto 50 meter height for leading telecom operators in Oman for there various sites. The high speed wind upto 200 KM/hour and corrosion of steel members due to proximity to see was the main criteria for deisgn. We have designed various height towers for Oman's leading telecom operators.


In assocation with M/S Atlas consultants have carried out extension of Al Hijj power stations in Musandam region was carried out for M/S Rural Area Electricity Company S.A.O.C within 4 months time. The scope was to supervise construction of sheds, foundations of generators, overhauling and refurbishment of Diesel generators and construction of ancillary facilities.
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